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Do You Recognize These Color Selection Mistakes That Harm Your Website?

There is no doubt that colors are an essential part of our lives. Majority of people have this assumption that colors only matter when it comes to selecting paintings, dresses, wall-paints, mobiles or cars however, this is not completely true. Color plays significant role in logo and web design industries as well. Color scheme for a web layout is a core element that helps a webmaster in getting Read more…

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Color Philosophy of the Week – Yellow Expresses Brightness and Creativity

Yellow is a color that invokes the feeling of brightness and creativity in its beholder. It is said to be the most refreshing and stimulating among all the warm colors, including red, yellow, orange and other variations, squeezed from these three colors. Professional designers who are truly well versed in color theory use yellow to express their artistic power and intellect in their work. Read more…

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4 Arts of Designing a Magnetic Brand-Identity

Brand is a unique trade-name given to a particular product by its manufacturers. To put it simply, it tells your consumers what type of product you are offering and how they may benefit from it. •    Who you are? •    How you are different from others? •    And most importantly, where do you stand in your niche? Before starting to craft a brand-identity, take a break and think Read more…

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