10 Most Efficient and Powerful VPN Service Providers – Hassle Free Anonymous Surfing

Whether you are trying to access the internet from a Café (an unsecured location) or surfing it on-the-go, you surely wouldn’t want to let your data fall onto the wrong hands. This is the reason why you must use a VPN service to keep your data secured no matter where you are. In addition to that VPN services also empower you to break the restriction or censorship boundaries as set up by government or private organizations due to some reasons.

For instance, if you are living in China, you can’t access Youtube from your normal IP. Due to that you might be missing a great deal of opportunities – from the marketing perspective – to grow your business. Unless you use some kind of stealth technique to get past the restrictions, you can’t access to the sites that are banned in your region.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are available to help you out with this matter. These services create a private yet secure network so that you can connect to the internet without getting blocked. These networks are created through dozens of dedicated servers which are reliable and highly-encrypted. In simple words a VPN service can cipher your online activities over the internet such as emailing, streaming, gaming and surfing, thereby making you untraceable.

Opting for any random VPN service is quite simple and easy. However, choosing the best and the most reliable one can be fairly tricky. In today’s write-up, we have collected 10 ideal and most secured VPN services to help you pick out the best one for you business – or – individual use.

10 Popular VPN Services


We have included PureVPN at the top of our list since it has successfully won the admiration of many savvy internet users and marketers. The software or client they offer is quite user-friendly, i.e., simple to use. The best part about this service is that you can divide the tunneling between different tasks. This way you can access the banned websites through your Stealth IP while using the regular connection. User login sessions and bandwidth usage is logged every second but it is refreshed in every 5minutes. The connection is no-doubt fast and secure so that you can surf without any hindrance.

Price Range

$9.95 to $44.95


•    300+ Servers
•    20,000+ IPs
•    SSTP, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec
•    No Limit Data Transfer
•    256 Bit Encryption
•    Multi Logins


BolehVPN is also second to none when it comes to stealth surfing. This service is not only well-liked by thousands of users but also considered as one of the top 5 VPN networks. Moreover, the price packages they offer are also very reasonable. When you use this service, you are given multiple proxied servers to allow you to direct your traffic via those servers and keep the surfing anonymous. Most important of all, apart from the basic features of VPN services, you are offered some advance features as well.

Price Range

$10.50 to $85.90


•    OpenVPN / L2TP
•    Secure Blowfish Algorithm
•    Separate VPN Servers
•    9 Individual Servers from 9 Countries
•    P2P availability
•    Supports DD-WRT routers


HideMan is quite a useful anonymous surfing tool that gives you the ability to connect to the internet using IPs from any country you desire such as US, UK, Netherland, Ukraine, etc. HideMan also allows gives you the flexibility of using their client on any platform you usually work with such as Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, android, etc. They also offer a free VPN service that you can use to try out their service before making the purchase decision.

Price Range

$3 to $69


•    Different IPs from 20 Countries
•    Unlimited Bandwidth
•    Censorship Bypass
•    PPTP/OpenVPN
•    24/7 Support
•    Reliable Data Encryption


When it comes to experiencing a truly secure and private anonymous surfing, Witopia is the service you should opt for. Although, there have been some criticisms of the users regarding its installation, Witopia is still the ideal choice for its efficiency and speed. Depending on your location from their server, you can easily expect to avail 2mbs to 9mbs speed – which is really something to boast.

Price Range

$49.99 to $69.99


•    30+ Available Gateways
•    OS flexibility
•    Free DNS Servers
•    SMTP Relay
•    256-Bit Encryption


HideMyAss is a very popular name since thousands of visitors use its web-based surfing tool, everyday. Like other popular VPN services, HideMyAss also offers a pro-VPN tool to equip their users with more powerful features and tools and make it easy for them to roam the internet without being spy-ied. If you are already a fan of their free (web-based) tool then you should check out their pro account.

Price Range

$11.52 to $78.66


•    410 VPN Servers
•    Unlimited Data Transfer
•    49,000+ IP addresses
•    OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP
•    New IP assigned on each new session
•    30-day money-back assurance


Quick to set up and easy to route the traffic, Hamachi can do your every task without breaking a sweat. If you want to secure your connection and surf anonymously, then it is the tool you should consider. Other than providing you with the most basic features of VPN, it also give you the accessibility to some advance features as well such as your own gaming VPN, mesh network, etc.

Price Range

$29.00 to $199.00


•    AES 256-Bit Encryption
•    Mesh Networking
•    Centralized Access Control
•    VPN for Multimedia, Gaming, etc.
•    On-demand Networking
•    Client Configuration Management


IPVanish is another effective service that offers multiple servers from over 40 countries. It boasts fast connection with unlimited bandwidth usage. The good thing is that they claim to provide a no-log service, i.e., your activities won’t be logged in their database. However, the downside is that they don’t really up to this claim and often log user activities. Another problem that savvy downloaders won’t like is the lack of P2P feature.

Price Range

$10.00 to $77.99


•    Free VPN Software
•    OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP
•    Multiple Device Usage Flexibility
•    Control IPs Location
•    Fast Connection
•    Unlimited Bandwidth

VPN Reactor

If you want to use a free yet popular anonymous surfing tool, VPNReactor is the one that must be considered above all. The best feat of this tool is that it is compatible with different operating systems – unlike some other VPNs – such as Windows, Unix, iPad, Mac, etc. If you want to avail some addition features of VPN Reactor you can opt for their premium account which starts from $7.99.

Price Range

$7.99 to $9.99


•    128 to 256 Bit Data Encryption
•    Stealth VPN
•    Multiple USA VPNs
•    Works on Multiple OS
•    Unlimited Bandwidth
•    Fast Access


SecurityKISS offers innovative yet simple VPN solutions to all those people who are tired of the censorships their country has imposed. The company uses the OpenVPN module for the anonymous surfing since it is most reliable and highly-encrypted data transfer tool. It comes with a wide variety of features that help you surf the web in a completely stealth-mode. They offer quick accessibility as well as speedy connection through dedicate servers.

Price Range

$2.99 to $89.90


•    Faster Dedicated Servers
•    OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP
•    300mb to Unlimited bandwidth
•    Octopus Tunneling
•    Email Tunneling
•    Multiple Servers from Different Countries


Although we have presented StrongVPN last in our list, it is still the best tool out there. Although the services they offer can be quite expensive for majority of users, still users in Asian countries have highly praised it for its efficiency in their region. Unlike other services, StrongVPN is compatible with a lot more operating systems than the traditional ones.

Price Range

$20.00 to $85.00


•    Cross-devices accessibility
•    Unlimited Bandwidth
•    Quick Setup
•    Multiple VPN Routers flexibility
•    7-Days Money-Back Guarantee
•    Fast Speed

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