20 Mind-Blowing Horse Logos For Inspiration

 Businesses around the globe use various elements in their logos to put across their brand’s traits, messages and feelings. Just like I presented some compelling tree logo designs for inspiration in the last post, today I am going to unveil some strikingly-stunning horse logos that’ll surely invigorate your creative tank.

Horses aren’t just lauded for their compassionate and loyal nature, but they are also praised for their formidable persona, thunderous speed and strength. Therefore, using a horse figure or illustration in a company logo is an ideal way to for businesses exude a reliable disposition and draw volumes of potential customers.

When we talk about horse logos, people often get the idea that these logos are only meant for businesses that deals in horses. However, this idea is entirely incorrect. While exploring this post you’ll come across different kinds of horse logos and see how different niches are using it to demonstrate their brand’s strength, loyalty and consistence.

Let’s me present 20 finely-eye-catching horse logos for your inspiration. Go ahead and explore how you can use this strong element in your logo. Enjoy!

British Dressage


Esperanza Center

Brunello Hospitality

 Flexi Horse

Tenuta Delle Luvi

Equi Passion

White Horse



Pegasus Group

SPA Horse

Furio Arabians



Goodbye Horses

Rogue Pony

Firehorse Investment

Gray Horse

Iron Horse

My favorite ones are the Spa horse, Precheron, Equi Passion and Iron Horse. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite horse logos in the comment section below.

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