4 Arts of Designing a Magnetic Brand-Identity

Brand is a unique trade-name given to a particular product by its manufacturers. To put it simply, it tells your consumers what type of product you are offering and how they may benefit from it.

•    Who you are?
•    How you are different from others?
•    And most importantly, where do you stand in your niche?

Before starting to craft a brand-identity, take a break and think for a while about some of the most legendary logos. Take for instance Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Google, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc. Try to realize what type of sensation you feel when you look at these iconic brand identities.

While thinking about them and comparing the elements of each logo you will also realize one important factor, i.e., they all are simple yet awe-inspiring.

Each of these logos has all the basic elements impressively incorporated in them including simplicity, scalability, flexibility, relevancy and functionality. Moreover, they effectively bring out the emotions of the consumers.

What do we learn from looking at such world-class brand identities is that it acts as an emblem of the company. It can effectively harmonize itself with numerous advertising and brand-promotion approaches, ultimately, creating solid brand recognition in the industry.

Now the question how can small or moderate businesses can also have a logo such as the iconic ones. Do we also need to hire an expensive agency to craft such outstanding logos? Or take a quick road and hire one of our designer friends having only 3 to 4 months designing experience and let him build our logo?

No, the main factor here is not affordability but quality. There are some vital aspects which if kept in mind, then even a one-year experienced designer would be able to create an identity that will have a big impact on your target audience.

•    A Logo That Corresponds To Your Audience

It is highly essential that the logo or brand-identity of your company must fit with your audience. It should effectively correspond to their emotions or desires. It should also signifies the satisfaction level that your product offers. Take BMW logo for instance and you will easily realize what types of sensation you get when you look at it; i.e., elegance, style and luxury.

•    Elegant But Not Complex

It is the most basic yet most important aspect that should be kept in mind while designing a brand-identity. Remember that you need not only instant recognition but also memorability.

•    Color Selection is Indispensable

Recognition comes from attraction and attraction comes from colors. Colors are an essential aspect that cannot be ignored when it comes to logo design. Variation in color makes your brand-identity standout from the competitors and stirs up intended emotions in the target-audience.

•    Color Selection is Customer-Centric

If your company is selling a product for a particular gender for instance women, then it should use the color selection that appeals to only that specific gender. According to studies, men tend to attract to blue and black color while women are fond of pink, purple and green. Therefore, first consider the preferences of your audience and then design a brand-identity that can efficiently attract them.

By taking the aforementioned tip into consideration you will be able to acquire an ideal logo that will be fit with your brand. Remember that an ideal logo will reinforce your branding tactics and empower you to stay at the top of the ladder in your nice.

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