5 Attractive Navigation Menus – Get Inspired

Not until few years ago, creating dynamic menus was quite a demanding task due to the complexities involved in using JavaScripts. However, with the advent of HTML5 and CSS3 building highly-creative web designs and attractive navigation menus is not hectic anymore.

HTML5 and CSS3 have opened the door to new techniques that can empower you to create mesmerizing animations and stunning effects or transitions. This is the reason why professional web designers are replacing the traditional applications that were once used for animations and effects with the latest HTML and CSS versions. If you are building your own website on HTML5, you may want to look at the following navigation menus for inspiration.

3D Dynamic Dropdown Menu

If you want something funky to present on your website, then a 3D navigation menu could be your best choice. The fold-down affect give the menu a mesmerizing look and feel thus making the site more attractive and modish.

Pure CSS Dropdown Navigation

This one is the simple yet elegant version of conventional dropdown menus. The style is eye-catching and quite light on every browser. The menu works not on mouse-hovering but clicking and each dropdown menu is covered in an appealing slightly gradient style.


It is a WordPress Plugin that offers one of the best dropdown menus with enhanced CSS feature. The dropdown menu is pretty sleek and stylish. It works on mouse-hover that slides-out from the navigation bar and the best part is that the menus open up pretty fast.

Simple Menu on a Parallax Site

This pretty simple yet sleek navigation menu accentuates well with the color of the website. Not to mention, the simple navigation bar also fits well with the parallax page.

SlideOut CSS3 Navigation Menu

An easy to create slideout menu that boast faded images and transition effects. The navigation looks more awesome due to the sleek color template used in it. However, it can be changed from the CSS.

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