5 Commandments on Building Ultra-Stunning Squeeze Pages

Are you finding it difficult to capture a large number of leads even though your offer looks amazing? Are you afraid of losing potential leads? Have you considered opting for a squeeze page? No… Then you must.

Best known as “Lead Capture Page”, Squeeze page has the power to capitalize on your opt-in forms and attract hordes of leads.

The main purpose of these pages is to attract interested traffic and convert them into leads by acquiring their email address. Email acquisition of your leads isn’t easy if your offer is boring or your squeeze page simply lacks the attraction. Apart from attractive theme, one can also offer numerous freebies to ensure high-conversion like free e-books, tutorials, giveaways, etc. However, the giveaways one offers must be pertinent to what the target-audience would be looking for over the web.

So get ready to learn how you can squeeze a compelling message in an ultra-stunning squeeze page and squeeze more out of your opt-in forms

After lots of surveys, experiments, a/b testing and research, we have come to realize that gaining high-conversion isn’t possible if we overlook the 5 sacred commandments for creating a squeeze page. Before we advance to these commandments let us tell you that these important considerations are governed by two significant elements: Simplicity, Consistency & Efficacy of your page. Therefore, you have to keep tabs on these three elements while following the below listed commandments.

  • Create a Benefit-Centric Title/Headline

Why is it necessary? Must you ask! Headline plays a major role in attracting the attention of the visitors since it is the very first thing they will look at when they visit the page. Therefore, it is imperative for you to make it as compelling and captivating as you can. An ideal headline is one that promises profit or benefit to its visitors and intrigue them to acquire the benefit by subscribing to your website.

  • Freebie or Free Gift

Again, as we have mentioned it in the preceding commandment that you must offer some kind of benefit to the readers to attract them for opting in. To achieve this goal you need to offer a free giveaway or freebie. For instance, if you are promoting your new hair care product, you can offer your visitors a sample of your product in exchange for their email. One important point you need to take into account is that the offer must be something which they can benefit from without any hassle.

  • Add in a Video & Make it Go Viral

These days, majority of people prefer watching content rather than reading its text version. Videos build more credibility of your company and your product. The visitors can see who they are dealing with, thus it eventually builds a strong bond with the target-audience. However, ensure its cross-browser compatibility before uploading it.

  • Body Text Must be Expressive

To create an emotionally persuasive text you have to first understand the audience you want to attract. You must know the needs and wants of your audience and then write the body text that can hit the psychological spot of the audience. Keep it brief and use bullets or numbers to keep the clarity in your text intact.

  • Prominent Yet Elegant Opt-in Box

Opt-in box is the main reason that you are creating a squeeze page. Therefore, you need to make it more outstanding than the rest of the content. Your key focus is to tempt the visitor to opt in to your subscription so you need use catchy phrases to attract their roving eyes.

Create a squeeze page by following the above listed 5 commandments and run A/B testing to see how much conversion you acquire as compared to your old methods… And don’t forget to tell us your results!

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