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About Us

Logo Pearl Design was an idea to create images that we see in our daily lives corresponding effectively with the masses almost immediately.
The founders who were a set of friends and now co-partners, envisioned a transparent process to help the masses attain fame and popularity via their own products with the correct marketing median and methodologies in order to procure more business at effective and economical rates. This vision, was transformed in to a small office reality with our mellow beginnings in the heart of California.

Upon successful completion of small start-up organizations to that of multinational corporations around the globe, we consider ourselves as a leading digital media house with a technological soul.
Compelled by dedication we have two contributing factors which act as our core values – ‘Quality’ and ‘Value for money’. Incorporating these values with a transformative business model, digital media technology and more than 50 designers we are in a position to rewrite old methods and innovate new rules to advocate and govern the current media market.
Maintaining a combination of innovative content writers, creative developers and quality designers, we focus on exquisite logos, resourceful applications, impeccable brochure design and unique stationery design covering all media marketing services, we consider ourselves as a ‘One Stop Branding Solution’.

Our Culture:

We consider ourselves different and unique in our approach towards development. Our designers understand being inspired to jog their intuition for creative ideas and images, but we take that to another level by assuring that architectural and geometrical landscapes are visited most often along with spending time in the wild for genuine and unequivocal design ideas. We bank on relationships and cherish successful partnerships via building rapport and team confidence. Our clients would have the exact same feeling when commencing a project, we take everything that you want is if our own, nurture and develop it and hence form a unique relationship with our clients and team altogether. Thus we stand out as an award winning digital media agency.

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