An Enticing List of 5 Best Apps Developers Ought To Use In 2014

Technology has bestowed upon us the flexibility to carry out our daily chores and other important stuff on the fly. Yes, with the mobile doohickeys and apps that we have today, it is time to bid farewell to our desktops and do our online activities on the go.

The benefits of using apps are unbound, i.e., it is not just for the common populace to avail but for all those who seek to make their work more easy and fun like web developers. These guys are the real brains behind the aesthetically-striking websites and life-saving apps or tools that are easily accessible to us. Though they are offered most lucrative salary packages, their job description makes their life fairly hectic as it involves playing with codes like troubleshooting bugs or malicious activities to keep things up and running.

At last, they can leave their grotto and enjoy the world like we do while keeping complete tabs on their projects without any hassle at all. Here’s a list of some valuable apps that developers can use to make their life and work easy.

FTP On the Go

Say, your client has mailed you some changes in his project but you are out of your cave running some errands but he needs the changes to be made ASAP, now what would you do? It’s simple, just go to iTunes and get yourself FTP on the go. As the name implies, the app empowers you to add or remove files in your database services using FTPS, FTP or SFTP. In addition to that the app comes with a built-in browser that allows you to check the changes to your web as you upload files.

ServersMan HD

Let’s face it without a flesh drive you can’t possibly be able to move your data when you need it most. But the thing is iPad doesn’t come with a flesh drive, which is really a heartbreaker for iPad fans. But don’t you worry, with ServersMan HD you can use your iPad like a USB drive. The app allows you to save, upload, open and transfer your files via your device. However, its storage or file reader functionality isn’t the only thing that makes it a must-have app. Its best feat is that you can use it as an independent server as well where you can upload files as a web site.

Analytics HD

The job of a webmaster comes to a halt if he doesn’t have access to web analytics. Luckily, with this app you can dive into the bottomless ocean of analytics. The interface is pretty much same as what you see on your web-based Google analytics. The best feature of this app is that it allows you multiple logins through which you can look and compare the data of different websites.

Network Utility HD

Maintaining websites and keeping the up and running require round-the-clock monitoring because you don’t know when a problem might occur and cause your website to go down for unspecified time. However, you don’t need to stick to your desktop’s screen to keep tabs on your web status because you can do that with Network Utility HD. The app is packed with dozens of awesome features that can give you in-depth insights into your web’s performance.

Markup for iPad

If you are looking for a text-editor that can let you edit PHP, HTML or CSS files on the go, then Markup for iPad is the app you should turn to. It is a great tool for developers who want easy and fast access to text-editors to amend the back-end contents of their website, i.e., codes.

There you go! a complete package of on-the-move development right through your iPad. If you think that we are still missing any important iPad apps for developers, then feel free to let us know through the comment box, below.

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