Best Photoshop Brushes You Can Use to Create a Masterpiece Design – Part 3

Continuing from the part 2 of Photoshop brushes, we present here more PS brushes to help you with your project:

1. Doodle Brushes


This handy set of PS doodle brushes comes into play when you want to craft appealing web page headers and greeting cards. This exclusive set of PS brushes includes a set of 30 random scribbles. Packaged with a variety of PS brushes, you can use this tool to create web page headers, bookmarks, event postcards and personal greeting cards.

2. Photoshop Brush Set


Created by Matt Heath, this PS brush is excellent for creating realistic textures designs. The designer created this set of PS brushes using Staedtler pencil which gives a natural look to your designs. You can use this brush to create awesome textures.

3. Dry Brush Stroke


Known for its high-resolution graphic effects, this set of PS brushes are best to create brisk and fantastic graphics. It was created by Chris Spooner in 2009 who was already praised for his previous set of PS brushes. Equipped with a set of 12 brushes, this PS tool is perfect for creating rough edges with precision.

4. Free Cloud Brushes


Creating cloud designs can be a little tricky if you are a newbie in this design field. However, this PS brush set simplifies this task. Incorporated with 8 cloud brushes, you can use this tool to create plenty of cloud designs for your artwork. This high-resolution brush set comes with a commercial license.

5. Free Fire Brushes


This brush set by Nino Batitis works like magic for the designers having trouble with creating the desired fire effects. The brush set has a group of 13 PS brushes. So if you are struggling with creating sizzling imageries of the fire and fireballs, then this tool must deserve a try. This brush is among very few free photoshop brushes that can amaze you with its graphics.

6. Simple Smudges


Created in Photoshop CS2, this color-rich PS brush is an infusion of watercolors. It is integrated with 14 brushes that you can use to create multiple shades of colorful designs. For its use of watercolors, it can be used to create portraits of humans.

7. Grungy Watercolor Brushes


This is yet another set of PS brushes anyone can use to create ragged textures. Created with multiple shades of watercolors and India ink, this brush set can assist you in creating dirty textures to add life in your design. They come up with 10 set of brushes.

8. Vintage Floral Photoshop Brush Set


For designers, creating a vintage look is a challenging task that involves professional subtleties. With this PS brush tool, you can create beautiful vintage imageries as well as floral patterns to give that retro look to your design work. For its use of floral patterns, it is considered one of the best PS brushes you can use in your project.

9. Hair Brushes Set 1


Creating finely-designed hair pattern is a dark art that every designer wants to master. With this hair brush, you can create sober-looking hairstyles in your design to make it look real to life. From curls and dreadlocks to fringes and plaits, you can use this tool to make any hair strands to match your particular design. This set of Photoshop brushes only works on Photoshop CS.

10. Fabric Texture High Resolution


If you have a particular love for high-resolution texture graphics, then this PS brush worth a try. It includes a total of 11 PS brushes and each of them has an amazing resolution of 2500px. These PS brushes can come handy to create grungy texture designs.

11. Blood


Do you have a fascination for blood and gore? Then this PS brush is should be the next item in your toolkit. It contains 57 paint shapes in multiple sizes. So you can create the effects of bloody designs that look real. You can use it in Photoshop CS2.

12. Tree Border Brushes


The use of plants and flowers is very common in graphic design. With this exclusive PS brushes, you can blend the tree, flowers, and bushes in your design. You can even create shadows of bushes and trees to give a more natural look to your artwork. It is available in the set of 18 brushes.

13. Starfield Brushes


This tool deserves a mention for its set of 4 high-res brushes (2500px). Using this fantastic PS brushes, you can create the brilliant galaxy and the Milky Way. So if you are a digital artist who loves creating heavenly designs, then this tool is definitely worth a try for you. It is available only Photoshop CS and higher versions.

14. Romantic Smoke Brushes


Creating the right mood in romantic designs is one of the challenging tasks for designers. With this Romantic Smoke Brushes, you can create heart imageries to gives a romantic feel to your designs. This amazing PS brush is available in a set of 18 brushes.

15. Watercolor Texture Brushes


The third watercolor-based PS brush in the list, this tool is consisted of brush strokes to create offbeat design concepts. It is used as an array of watercolors to create a design that speaks its theme. You can use this toolkit to create true-to-life design works.

16. Torn Paper Brushes


A versatile PS brush tool to use in your designs, this tool is great for creating borders in your designs. Created in Photoshop 7, this PS tool is available in 28 brushes that you can use to create high-resolution and low-resolution design projects. The designer recommends using this brush with handmade paper pattern.

17. Handwriting Brushes


A treasure for calligraphers, this PS tool can help you create handwriting sketches in various languages. It makes the job of calligrapher easier as they can make handwritings in Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Korean and English to name a few. It is available in a set of 47 brushes.

18. Sponge Prints and Swirls Set


This cool PS brush is available in a set of 16 hi-resolution brushes that you can use to create swirls and sponge designs. The creator of this PS brush allows the users to use this for personal and commercial purposes.

Hope the above-mentioned 18 PS brushes come handy for your next project. To know more PS brushes, you need to wait for our next list.

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