20 Best Photoshop Brushes You Can Use to Create a Masterpiece Design

Brushes and Layers

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Photoshop brush is one of the most resourceful tools for any designer. It is also the most frequent tool used by digital artists to create a design. Photoshop offers a wide range of brushes to help you with designing your creative artwork. These brushes offer the designers the much-needed opacity and flow to produce the rights effects in their designs.

Presenting here are 20 of the best Photoshop brushes you can use in your digital art:

  • 1) Strokes and Splatters


One of the most popular set of brushes, Strokes and Splatters offer designers a range of brush strokes to accentuate the beauty in a design. This brush pack comes with 25 high-resolution brushes to serve variety of uses in your design.

  • 2) Gritty and Grunge


As its name suggests, this brush toolkit gives that gritty look to your design. This brush is applied to create the backdrop of a grimy design. Available in 7 preset designs, this brush can be used to create a rough background of your design.

  • 3) Vintage Handwriting Photoshop Brushes


True to its name, this brush toolkit helps you create a retro design. The good thing about these vintage brushes pack is that you can use it free of cost for personal or professional purposes.

  • 4) Sponge Party


Known for its high-quality result, Sponge Party is a treat to work with your design. Available in 400-2500 pixels, Sponge Party uses sponge marks to create a design that shines out.

  • 5) Dried Blood Splatter


Want to create that blood and gore effect? Then this brush should be included in your design toolkit. Created with watercolor, this brush creates that dreadful effect of dried blood.

  • 6) Splashes of Paint


Available in 30 big brushes, this awesome paint brush can be used to create dirty backgrounds. You can use this brush toolkit for Photoshop CS2. This high-resolution brush is often used in the apparel industry for creating graphic art on T-shirts.

  • 7) Smoke Brush Set


Graham Jeffery creates 21 set of brushes to help you give the effect of smoke art. Credited as one of the most popular Photoshop smoke brushes, this set of brush is available only for non-commercial purpose.

  • 8) Technical Brushes


Based on technical-drawing theme, these PS brushes are particularly effective in creating granular details in your artwork. Available in 10 set of brushes, this brush set is loved by designers for its use of old technical drawings.

  • 9) 33 Coffee Stain Brush


A brainchild of Creative Nerds, 33 Coffee Stain Brush gives that vintage wooden texture to your paintings. It is a versatile brush that can easily be mixed together with range of colors. You can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

  • 10) Grunge and Smooth Floral Brushes


With these PS brushes, creating beautiful floral designs is no longer an intricate task. Available in 800px – 100px, this set of brush gives a clean look to your designs. You can use this brush on PS7 and higher versions.

  • 11) Water Splash Photoshop Brushes


A work of Nino Batitis, this brush helps you create the effects of water splashes. It contains a set of 11 hi-resolution water splash brushes that you can use while working on your project.

  • 12) TC Magic Spells: Moon


This set of PS brushes by Treehouse Charms artfully blends the notion of mythology and moon. This PS brush is great for creating enigmatic designs to capture the curiosity of the viewers.

  • 13) Leaf Brushes


A PS brush to create a leaf background, this PS brush is available in 7 different leaf images. It applies fine subtleties and textures that add substance to your design and make it look real.

  • 14) Feathers and Birds


With a collection of 12 individual brushes, this brush offers variety of illustrations that are symbolic of feathers and birds. You can use it for commercial purpose.

  • 15) Floral Swirls


Great for creating wavy floral patterns, this brush by Aka Joe offers a set of 20 different high-resolution brushes. You can use this design pattern in creating fantastic textures and borders.

  • 16) Hi-Resolution Cloud Photoshop Brushes


The use of cloud brushes is ubiquitous in designs. This set of high-resolution brush helps you create beautiful clouds in your designs. Available in 2500px, you can use this brush to create wonderful cloud graphics to amaze your viewers. These brushes are 100% Free to use for commercial and personal designs.

  • 17) High-Resolution Fire Photoshop Brushes


Creating fireballs and fiery effects is one of the many challenges in graphic design. With set of 20 fire brushes, you can produce glowing fire and lighting effects. You can easily download these fire brushes to use in your project.

  • 18) Night Sky Brushes


Galactic effects are common in graphic designs. This tool is equipped with 13 big brushes that illustrate the various heavenly bodies, such as stars, moons and space dust.

  • 19) Nature Silhouettes


A package of 19 PS brushes representing illustrations of flora, this brush by Pikonhead is perfect to create imageries of flower, tree and grass.

  • 20) Hatching Brushes for Photoshop


This one is for the designers who have a knack of using pencil brushes to create a hatching art. Using these 8 large PS brushes, you can create excellent shading and tonal effects in your drawings. It is available for personal commercial uses.

The above-mentioned are 20 best PS brushes you can use in your design to create a desired effect. You can also use these brushes to create your creative brochure design. If you know more PS brushes, let us know in the comments section.

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