Social Media – The Art of 21st Century Branding

Is branding means selling your product via a few marketing channels? Heck, not! In reality, it is much more significant than that.

To some, the idea of branding a product or services is confined to only a simple promotion. However, in reality, branding signifies the intuitive response of the target audience against your brand whenever they hear about it or interact with it.

Basically, branding is a word of mouth publicity that lets your loyal customers do the promotion for you. When you are able to influence your target audience at an emotional level, eventually, they start bragging about your brand to their friends, family and to anyone they know. In other words, branding is just another form of trust, bond or recognition.

Today, with the advent of Social Media, the intensity of that word of mouth publicity has been intensified quite drastically. It is more like a new weapon in our marketing arsenal. Now the question remains, how do we use that weapon against our competitors, beat their brand and come up as the main leader in the industry? Well, we use Social Media channels to do just that. Here’s how:

Winning Your Customer via Blogging

There’s nothing more effective in generating mass recognition than blogging. It is a great way to show your profound expertise and mesmerize your audience. It is important to understand that people want to solve their problems by someone who has both knowledge and experience in solving their problems. Luckily, blogging is the best and most effective way to do just that. In addition to that it also allows you interact with them, hear them opinions and share yours with them. Consequently, blogging helps you create, maintain and improve your bonds with interested audience, or possibly leads.

Direct Interaction with Social Channels

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. are the giants in the social media. Hence, these are the perfect places to get your branding started. Regardless of your product line or demographic, these channels can empower you to connect your brand directly with the target audience. You may use catchy tweets or messages to attract more eyes and start engagement on your social profiles. It is also important that you interconnect your social profiles with each other so you can increase your followers throughout the network.

Become a Pro Influencer Via LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social channel that lets you connect with other businesses and thus expand your professional network. It is an ideal place to find and connect with people who may be crucial to your business like potential investors or even employees. Secondly, by joining niche-related groups or communities, you will be able to share your expertise with other likeminded individuals and possibly become an influencer yourself.

Monitor Your Reputation With ORM

ORM, online reputation management, is a significant and critical part of branding, which unfortunately many businesses often overlook. As the name suggests, it allows you to effectively monitor the voices (opinions) of the audience regarding your brand on the Internet. You can keep track of any kinds of comments on your brand, tackle them accordingly and thus monitor the online reputation of your brand round the clock.

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