Color Philosophy of the Week – Orange Expresses Vibrancy, Creativity and Endurance

Good Day! We are back once again to talk about this week’s color philosophy.

After reading the previous two posts, we have completely understood the fact now that every color has a meaning to it. Colors are more than just something which makes our life joyful. They represent the cultural or moral values of people and their beliefs. In fact, colors also stimulate different kind of feelings such as some colors reflect soothing effects while some incites irritating emotions. So, basically, colors are emblems that represent something.

In the last two posts we have talked about Yellow and Red color. In today’s post we will talk about a color that is a combination of these two, i.e., orange.

Since orange is the result of the combination of Red and Yellow color, it is categorized as one of the warm colors as well. In addition to that, it also shares some of the common attributes of its parent colors. It expresses warmth, energy, youth, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. Orange also displays physical or mental soothing effect.

Having unique characteristics, orange can be related with the season – autumn. Due to its association with the season, orange can represent change in life as well. It reflects less aggression than the Red color, mainly because of the association of Yellow.

In graphic design, orange has an authority on attracting the attention. Though it doesn’t have as much intensity as Red but it can carry out the attention-grabbing task just fine. Orange is also associated with the appetite. Therefore, it can also be used on websites that offer appetizers, etc. Being an energetic color, orange is ideal for industries that promote children’s products.

Orange is used here quite wisely, promoting a sponsoring program and highlighting the key elements.

Orange is profoundly used in this website in a brilliant manner, representing its main persona, i.e., fire.

Here orange is representing enthusiasm, vitality and creativity

A profound use of orange on this web design reflects creativity and passion.

The orange colored box on the right-side is effectively grabbing the attention to its subject matter.

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