Color Philosophy of the Week – Red Expresses Passion, Anger and Life

Color is a necessary part of our life. Without it our life would be quite boring. So, it is important that we respect colors and understand the meaning behind its use. Every color has a meaning which mostly depends on personal feelings or cultural ethics. Understanding how different color evokes different emotions is an art using which many experts have built their career like “Graphic Designers”.

Nonetheless, let us proceed to this week’s color philosophy: RED.

Red is categorized as one of the warm colors. It is a unique color that holds both the attributes of a cupid and a devil. At some instances it expresses intense love, passion, enthusiasm and excitement. While in some cases it expresses anger, extreme violence and war.

Some experts also suggest that this color can have a direct (physical) effect on people as well. For instance it can increase human metabolism. This may be the reason why many fast food centers and even restaurants profoundly use red as interior themes or decorations.

Red color also signifies importance and magnificence. It is something you usually see on TV when celebrities walk on the red carpet. It also indicates threat or danger – Traffic signals use Red as a stop sign and even many warning signs use it to show threat.

Red color has different meanings in different cultures. In India it presents purity as well as in China it expresses summoning, prosperity and good luck. However, in South Africa the same color expresses mourning. In many eastern countries, especially among Muslims, Bright Red is worn by brides to express joy and happiness.

In a logo or website design, red color expresses a sense of elegance. It is an ideal color for those sites where love or passion is portrayed such as Matrimonial or Dating websites. Red accents along with black or other background gives stylish and chic feeling. Red is a flexible color which if used with other appropriate colors give a strong, powerful and energetic feeling.

Isn’t this theme giving you a mouth-watering feeling? Thanks to this blood red template.

The combination of scarlet along with dark red is giving this theme a powerful and energetic sensation.

The red theme in this web template with dark shades on each site is giving a true sense of elegance and style.

The bright red accent used on this site against the white background is giving a feeling of enthusiasm and progress.

So, what do you think about this week’s color philosophy? Do let us know….

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