Color Philosophy of the Week – Yellow Expresses Brightness and Creativity

Yellow is a color that invokes the feeling of brightness and creativity in its beholder. It is said to be the most refreshing and stimulating among all the warm colors, including red, yellow, orange and other variations, squeezed from these three colors.

Professional designers who are truly well versed in color theory use yellow to express their artistic power and intellect in their work. Although many designers do not use this color as a main theme in their logo however they do use it scarcely to highlight a logo’s main features. Websites, on the other hand, can be developed around yellow as the main color theme. The most amazing thing is that such websites do attract hordes of eye-balls.

Colors have different meanings in different regions or cultures. Likewise, yellow is also treated differently in numerous regions of the world.

In some European countries yellow is associated with hazards, deceit, cowardice and weakness. While in some other parts of Europe it expresses hope, brightness, joy and happiness. In Egypt, yellow expresses mourning but in Japan it represents courage and confidence.

In web designs, bright yellow can be used to give the viewers a sense of optimism and cheerfulness. Softer yellow is mostly used for babies or young children (for either of the gender). Light color on the other hand connotes tranquility and peace. Sometimes yellow is also used with gold-hued theme to express the sense of extravagance and stability.

Example – Yellow Themed Web Templates

This bright yellow in the header is used give the viewer an energizing and stimulating sense, combined with the antique-yellow footer gives a very mature and warmth feeling.

This antique yellow on the header is adding a sense of energy and happiness on this site.

The bright yellow used generously on this website is expressing creativity and positivity.

Yellow color in the header and at many instances in the body, is adding an extra energy to this web template.


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