CSS3 At Its Best –15 Creative CSS3 Animation Examples

There’s been a drastic evolution in the field of web development in these recent years. And, ever since the dawn of HTML5 and CSS3, the realm of website designing and development has become even more complex yet fun to explore than it ever was.

For starters, CSS3 is no longer a mere markup for styling web content, but it is much more than that! CSS3 comes loaded with more firepower than its predecessor. It is packed with some amazing animation and interactivity features that exceed the barriers of Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

As long as you know your way around CSS3, harnessing its innate potential won’t be much of a challenge to you. Nevertheless, in today’s post I’ve bring you a list of some spectacular examples of CSS3 animations that will feed your inspiration and help you get started with creative animations.

(Note: The following list contains experimental CSS3 animations, which is why most of the examples would work on specific browsers)

Single DIV Weather Animated Icons

Written by Fabrizio Bianchi, the example supplies us with a stunning set of animated weather icons that are all neatly nested in a single DIV. The icons are created purely on CSS3, i.e., no JS was used.

Matrix Effect Using WebKit CSS3

Remember those effects in Matrix? Well, guess what! You can produce the same effects using the neat properties of WebKit CSS3.

Bonefire Night Safety (CSS3 Infographics)

If you are bored creating same old static Infographics, it is high time you should fine-tune it and make it ever more engaging. Yes, you can transform your statics graphics to subtle animations using the innate abilities of CSS3. Check out this remarkable animated infographics that was created to spread the awareness of bonefire safety among kids in the UK.

Indatus CSS Animation

Coded by Patrick Hill, this supersmooth animation uses the combined force of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to bring you a bit of a complex yet remarkable animation that will stop the roving eyes of the visitors.

CSS3 Based Google Doodle

A few years back, Google celebrated the 182nd birthday of Eadweard J Muybridge’s by creating a JavaScript based animated Doodle. The same effects can now be produced using nothing but pure CSS3 and HTML5, as first presented by a keen CSS fan, Rishabh.

CSS Walking Man

Andrew Hoyer brings you an amazing example of CSS3 animation in this Walking Man tutorial that features Andrew himself walking endlessly on plain track.

Colorful Clock

It’s a vibrant clock that uses CSS and a custom jQuery plugin, tzineClock, created by the guys at Tutorialzine.

3D CSS Rotating Cube

Paul Hayes offers you a simple tutorial on how you can create a fun, rotatable 3D cube using WebKit CSS properties and a bit of JavaScript. It’s a fun attraction to have on your site since it would surely keep your visitors engaged for quite a while.

10 Stunning CSS3 Hover Effects

Alessio Atzeni brings you a remarkable set of 10 stunning CSS3 transitions that will blow your mind away. No kidding! The hover effects will make your website’s visitors feel delighted and needless to say bring more interactivity to your images.

Animated CSS Bicycle

So, you can design a Bicycle. Big Deal! Can you make it run endlessly using pure CSS? Not sure about you, but the CSS geek at GitHub, Gautam Krishnan, certainly can do it using only CSS. Go ahead, try it out!

Type Rain

Ever heard anyone saying, “It’s been raining Types outside”? Well, you would when you see this amazing CSS example created by Andrew Hoyer, the Walking Man. In this example, you can set the gravity, the drop rate as well as the size of the fonts that are showered from a dark cloud of typefaces.

Image Gallery

This is one of the great and simple examples of how you can play around with CSS3 transform and transition properties to create awesome image galleries. Just hover over the images!

7 Animated Buttons Effects

Created by Mary Lou, at Tympanus, this example presents 7 different hover effects and styles all purely coded on CSS3. Each animation is simply astounding and best part is that each works smoothly.

CSS Submarine

Build a simple yet cute, animated submarine on CSS3 and search the unexplored depths of the Seas!

CSS 3D Dropdown

Justin Windle presents you a fantastic dropdown menu built on CSS. It’s a dropdown that penetrates through the traditional dropdown-menus and offer a more fun look.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the examples listed here won’t work smoothly on all browsers, but most of them like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. If you also have some fabulous CSS3 Animation Examples of your own, do share with us!

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