Top 11 Free Design Resources

Here are some top websites with tons of free design resources to make it quicker and easier for you to design.

free design resources

Every designer loves a list of cool freebies that he can use to design creative artworks. Usually, you’ll find a list of hand-picked freebies that you may or may not like. There could be a list of free mock-ups, themes, wireframes, icons sets, backgrounds, tools, and much more. However, how do we know where to find the best?

This article will provide you with a list of resources where you will find a great bunch of freebies, and you may do the picking-the-best part yourself!

Here are some of the most popular sites with high-quality freebies for designers to download!

Best PSD Freebies

best psd freebies

Icons, buttons, sliders, UI elements, and mock-ups themes, it’s all here. Designers all over the world submit their exclusive PSD designs for other fellow designers to use. Check out their “most liked”, “most downloaded”, and “just released” items and make your pick!


Dribble LLC is like they say, a “show and tell for designers”. This is one of most liked, most popular, and most visited website by designers from all over the world, who share their designs here for display. Designers often share free mockups and templates as well. Just hit “free” or “freebie” in the search box and you’ll be presented with variety of freebies.

Freebies Bug

Freebiesbug has some of the latest selections of contributions by a talented lot of designers. Some of their hand-picked free psds, code stuff, free fonts, mock-ups, and icons are magnificent! Their collection of hi-resolution, daily-updated stock photo is also new and definitely worth looking at.


Looking for a large variety of icons to choose from? Iconfinder should be the next stop for you. A straightforward, easy-to-use search bar will search through 474,722 icons and browse 6,687 icons sets. Skip the premiums and go for the freebies. What more could a designer, who’s looking for a variety of icons, want?

Premium Pixels

UK based web-designer Orman Clark is the star of this website. Imagine the hard work he put into building this amazing, top-notch website with a long list of freebies just to save us a great deal of time. Check out the free PSDs, themes, applications, mock-ups, and icons he put together. Under the “free resources” section you’ll find pages of some really cool free stuff.

Graphic Burger

Here’s a cuisine for designers! Graphicburger has top-quality designs, some of which are offered for free (the rest are premium).  The freebies are contribution from generous designers from all around the world. They have currently above 11 million downloads and are “still counting”.



Psdd is an extension of It attempts to aid designers looking for some great freebies listed on dribble. Here, the shots were selected manually and categorized to make the selection process easier. That way you won’t be fishing through tons and tons of resources just to find one good freebie. The hardworking duo that built this site truly made a designer’s life’s easier!

Agile Designers

A designer has enough work on his hands: attending calls, selecting colors, making calculations, making coffee and what not. Agiledesigners is a one-of-a-kind agile, time-saver. Designers and developers, here’s another list of amazing freebies for you! Here, you can find the best resources sorted by popularity. Organize and save your favorites and you’re done!


Rich Tabor, a passionate designer, has a lot to offer on Purtypixels web site. Some of the best contributions are posted up on this website. Keep scrolling down and it will keep loading a plethora of coolest freebies. You can find a heave volume of panels, themes, icons, buttons, frames, selectors and other Photoshop design resources.

Creative Market

Not all websites are built for freebies, but they might have an undiscovered section of a handful of free goodies. Creative market is one such website where you can find freebies under the “Free Goods of the Week” (FGOTW) section. This generous website offers 3 free goods (stock photos, icons, WordPress blog themes, and much more) every Monday which are kept free for 7 days. Creatives around the world will find themselves hooked to this website and making sure it shows up the latest free stuff in their RSS feeds.


I couldn’t miss out this one! After all, it’s another one of those altruistic websites that only aim to make another designer’s life easier – by saving his time. After a quick membership sign up, you are free to download the freebies (website templates, UI elements, and free PSDS, and more) of your choice. It currently has over 150,000 members and the number keeps adding up.

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