Free Online Code Editors For Front End and Back End Developers

With the arrival of online code editors, there is no need for installing and setting up virtual machines and server to create and test a website. Here is a list of free online code editors for front and back end developers.

Programmers have a lot on their mind while writing their code. One of the many things they wonder about is how effective and efficient their code-writing is so far. Code clean up is one such thing that helps figure out where you are at and what “fixes” are needed to improve results. This can easily be done with the help of code editing tools and resources.

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The only problem with code editors, though, is that most of them are a little behind when it comes to editing contemporary code and requires to be installed on your system first.

Nevertheless, this isn’t true for all code editors – some, despite being free and open-source, are highly functional, up-to-date, efficient and online! Here are a few online code editors we’ve rounded up.

Thimble by Mozilla Thimble


Here’s a WIDE application that will allow you to create and edit web pages right in your browser. Just insert your HTML/CSS/JavaScript code in the editor box and preview your work in a zap. If it’s all done, hit save!

Code Anywhere


This is one of the coolest code editors in town. You can easily set up Code Anywhere for your project just by signing up for free. You can do both front-end and back-end development using this tool as it supports HTML/CSS/Javascript and other programming languages and frameworks.

The development environment can be pre-built if you like. You can also customize colors schemes, use multiple cursors, multiple layouts, and more. Over 40,000 developers have used this code editor and some that represent top companies (CNN, Salesforce, etc). Code Anywhere also has premium options that offer more features.



Here’s a fun online code editing tool offered for free by Lea Vorou. Test your HTML, CSS and JS snippets here without worrying about prefixes (since it is prefix-free). Once you’re done, save your work to Gist or embed it onto another site. For now, Dabblet supports Chrome, Safari, and Firefox only.

Cloud 9


Cloud 9 is free for 512MB Ram. This is a powerful code editor that supports over 40 languages including PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, and more. Cloud 9 gives you your code editing workspace over the cloud and the ability to collaborate with your friends. You can test your website in 300+ browser and OS combinations. This code editor has awesome features that can’t all be listed here in a short paragraph!

Ice Coder


This is browser based code editor that you can use both online and offline. All you need is your browser to develop beautiful sites. Ice coder has been built to support the most common and contemporary languages such as HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, JavaScript, Go, Less, SQL, XML, and plenty more. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux platforms.

JS Bin


Here’s a tool that will allow you to experiment with various languages namely, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Jade, Markdown, Sass, and more. This is basically a “code sharing site” that allows you to collaborate and share URLs with anyone who can help to improve it. You may also preview your site in the output section.

Code Pen


CodePen is one of the mostly used and most popular online code editors. This editor has been around for a long time—probably because it’s nothing short of a simple, free, and fabulous editor. CodePen is a front-end designer playground perfect for reducing code and figuring out bugs. You can also join the community and get feedback from your peers or other fellows who love to code as well. CodePen will also help you find and locate specific design patterns for your project. In the “picks” “popular” and “recent” sections you can view some of the coolest designs and codes that have been produced or reproduced by others. Great for inspiration!


This is an online portal for front-end web developers from all over the world. is a place where you can write, preview, edit, save, and share your code snippets. It has six main useful features. First of all, it is a browser based editor that does not require a local environment. You can post up your favorite codes and create a private portfolio. With over 50,000 users you can get inspired by tons of code examples. Furthermore, it allows you to collaborate, get involved in discussions with other users, and stay up to date with latest topics and events.



JSFiddle, developed by Piotr and Oscar, is the perfect playground for developers who need to do a little “code check” using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Run the code and see the result. The code editor also supports several frameworks and extensions including those of jQuery, Mootools, Fabric.js, and many more. Use the “tidy up” option to re-indent messy code, fix bugs, etc. Running “JS hint” will also give you an idea on where you could perform a cleanup.



Codeply is essentially a front-end editor that will allow you to compare and test responsive frameworks. Frameworks include Semantic UI, Bootstrap, Skeleton, Foundation, Pure CSS, and more. This is an online HTML, CSS, JavaScript code editor that allows you to make building quick and efficient. The website also has a robust online community. With great examples and inspiration, you could do a lot more than edit and clean your code!

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