20 Free Adobe Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes sure come in handy when we have to add some extra elements to our designs. Here, we present you 20 Photoshop brushes that are 100% free to download.

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Adobe Photoshop has always been one-step ahead in catering to the creative urges of designers. Take for instance the “Brushes” that come with it. However, the pre-installed set that PS offers is just the tip of the ice berg of some greatest brushes that I’m going to present here.

Brushes are the added decors that although not necessarily required in high-profile projects, but they do add some splendor to the overall design. Plus, that grandeur doesn’t let viewers lose focus from the main subject.

What makes brushes a-must for designers is that they don’t have to create individual elements for the design. They can simply use rich, predefined artworks to make the design pop up.

So, here are 20 most remarkable free Photoshop brushes that will add more creative-fire-power to your arsenal!

Glow Part 1 by Hawksmont


Both fancy and picturesque, the Glow brushes will bring the radiance of your design inside-out. It’s a free set of brushes that though come inside a 4mbzip file, but retain a perfect resolution of 1000px.

Gradient Shapes by Adam Woodhouse


These beautiful brushes are simple yet finely attractive. The subtlety they carry tends to beautify the canvas they are splashed on.

Let It Snow by Joe Cavazos


Designing a Frozen-like theme but missing all the snow? Let it Snow brushes will add that Frozen-like look to your designs to give a wintery feel.

Abstract Butterfly Brushes by Edelihu

Source: www.designyourway.net/drb/abstract-butterfly-brushes/

Add fairy butterflies to your design and give a fancy look to your graphics through the luminescent, abstract butterfly brushes.

IceCracks Fractal Brushes Set 1 by Icecrack


Icecracks Fractal brushes allow you to give an ice-chilling look and feel to your artwork. These brushes are ideal for technology, syfy or gaming themes.

Skin Brushes by Marta Dahlig


Marta Dahlig, an active Deviantart user, presents some elegant skin brushes from her collection to allow you to give more depth to your portraits.

Rainy Brushes by Saharaknoblauch


Is it raining? Not outside, but it can be in your designs! Rainy brushes allow you to add rain or droplets to your design to give it a more mystic yet captivating look.

Smoke Brushes by Niño Batitis


Be it a smoke coming out of a coffee or a genie-lamp, you can add it to your design with a single click using this awesome smoke brush.

Revnart Smoke Brush by Revnart


It is yet another stunning smoke brush that is bound to make your artwork look more real and stunning. The pack contains up to 30 smoke brushes that come in varied resolutions, i.e., from 800px to 1500px.

Abstract Water Brushes by Lileya


With water texture brushes you can swash water to your designs and add a more realistic look to it. The brushes are created in Photoshop CS and so they can only work with CS or later versions.

Dried Blood Splatters Brushes by PhotoshopTutorial.ws


Inspired by the gore and violence of True Blood? If so, then these dried blood splatters will be an ideal set of brushes to make your artwork bloodier. The set comes with a stunning range of 117 different dried brush patterns.

Butterflies with Flowers Brushes by Coby17


Designed by a Deviantart user, Coby17, these brushes are ideal for creating print-design gift wrappings or themes that relate to gifts, toys, etc. Though the brushes are free to use, but not for commercial purposes.

Fire Brushes by Design Crawl


The scorching flames effect is used copiously by many designers. For instance, it can be used to give a fiery glow effect to a text or image, etc. The Fire brushes will be ideal for those purposes.

Abstract Brushes Vol 8 by Rubina119


For beautiful desktop wallpapers and even website backgrounds, these abstract brushes will make the artwork more fabulous and amazing. The pack comes with 6 high quality abstract brushes.

Hair Brushes by Faria Malik


Obsessed with trendy hairstyles or have a project that requires unique hairdos? Don’t fret, your problems are heard and answered by Faria Malik as she presents you some of the best hair silhouette brushes.

Echolalie Stock 32 Brushes by Echolalie Stock


There are many funky projects where you might need an artwork of wall pictures such as Poster images, wallpapers, etc. You can fulfill that requirement by using the brushes created by Echolalie Stock. The brushes are available in different wall patterns like scratched wall, dirty wall, etc.

Cloud Brushes by Design Crawl


A pack of 20 high quality (2500px resolution) cloud brushes, this pack will allow you to add a cloudy background to your designs and meet the design-needs of your clients without any hassle.

Floral Swirls Brushes by Aka-Joe


Add elegant floral swirls to your images and make them more stunning than ever. The best part is that you can work with these brushes on Photoshop 7 as well.

Demolished Cracks Brushes by env1ro


Another great pack of brushes, demolished cracks as the name suggests is ideal for background images that require a bit of cracking and tearing feel.

My Heart Brushes by Sandy


My Heart Brushes is perfect for design projects that are related to hearty themes like Valentine, Wedding anniversary themes, etc.

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