Find More Freelance Work Easily With These Websites

Often it happens that freelancers struggle to find more work so they could make ends meet. To make things easier for them, we have collected some of the best websites that allow freelancers to find more work.

Website to find more freelance work

The freelancing lifestyle has perks of its own, but with the many advantageous a few disadvantages also follow. One of them is being able to keep your work consistent and packing enough work for a period to produce a steady income. This can be extremely tough at times and with only one or two sources to work for, you’re not necessarily making it to the top in this field.

Much of being a “successful” freelancer has to do with getting your name out there. That obviously requires chains of new work and top-notch clients to work for. Sometimes, the best way to access these two things is by being where everyone is. For the freelance community this spells job sites.

As a freelancer myself, I was never a big fan of one single job site as a source of income. However, I won’t deny that when times are troubled and you need just a little more exposure, they’re worth a shot. So, here are some job sites that are perfect to find streams of new work and great clients to work for.


toptal freelance

This is a developer’s dream come true. Toptal is a website with a specific audience in mind: great computer engineers. Not only do they require talented and experienced software engineers to provide work to clients, their community includes some of the best engineers (clients) you can work with including J.P. Morgan,, and Air bnb.  Luckily, here you can set your own rates without having to worry about “bidding wars”.

99 Designs

99 Design

True to its name, 99 designs is a place for designers. This is the place to go if you’re a fan of the creative fields and have a way with making logos, websites, or banners. The way this website works is that top clients seeking freelancers are required to first build a designs brief. Next, freelancers who would like the job would compete to win the contest. For designers who like participating in a crowdsourcing work, this is a great way for them to compete with their peers, receive feedback, and win clients.


freelancer website

This job site is nothing short being one the best places to be at for a freelancer. This is a job site that doesn’t pick a certain “type” of freelancer to promote. As long as you are a freelancer with some skills, you’ll do. At Freelancer, you can find some of the best gigs of any type.


upwork website

Used by over 9 million freelancers, Upwork is by far one of the most popular job sites where you can find tons of work. Formerly known as oDesk, the freelancing platform underwent quite a few changes and in collaboration with another popular platform Elance in recent years. Unlike the previous oDesk version of the platform, Upwork features a new chat interface that allows clients and freelancer to interact more freely and rapidly than they were before using the “messages” feature.


aquent freelancing

If you’re into digital design and marketing, Aquent is the job board you need to familiarize yourself with for more work. The best part about this website is that you have an option to work for a client remotely, or if need be, look for on-site opportunities and contact-to-hire positions. If you’re looking for improving your skills in the field of digital design, not only can you practice with the work you get in this community, but also sign up for courses that offer practical skills and training in the field.


flex jobs website

For freelancers interested in flexible work, flexjobs is a job site worth exploring. This was labeled number one on Forbes list of “Great Sites to Find Part-time Gigs” last year and one that brings in high-paying clients such as CNN, NBC, and USA Today. Flex Jobs is a job board that means business. So, instead of approving and allowing job posts in one go, Flexjobs requires meticulous screening before a job can be posted. For a freelancer, this is good news since it means legitimate and credible work is easy to find. However, the downside of this website is that access to postings requires paid membership. The cheapest plan is roughly $15 per month.


fiverr freelance website

Fabulous for budding freelancers, Fiverr is a great place to show potential clients what you are all about. Unlike the traditional “job posting” method in which clients are required to write up a job description and select between potential employees, Fiverr turns the tables by allowing freelancer to post gigs of their choice for between $5 to $10. You could be great at mixing tables, writing songs, designing logos and website, SEO, painting, designing shirts, crafting baskets, or anything for that matter. All you have to do create your own gig and sell your services to companies who value your work.

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