Guiding Principles

Feather Invest guiding principles form the core belief of our fiduciary duty to our clients, our entire team and stakeholders.

Feather Invest dedicates significant emphasis on its guiding principles and considers them the core of its everyday business dealing.

We Treat Clients money as if it is ours: we, at Feather Invest, feel a great honor upon receiving a subscription agreement from our investors (individuals or institutions) that they trust us with their money.

We consider such trust as a responsibility as opposed to a trophy of success and try our best efforts to prove to our investors that they made the correct decision. We then make sure to always show them that we “treating investors’ money as if it is ours” and do all what is necessary to protect it and generate the anticipated profits from its investment.

Speed: Feather Invest’s team embraces the concept of speed in interacting with all stakeholders of the firm. We believe that speed and quality of communication is one of the main competitive advantages contribute to building the anticipated level of trust and credibility we dream of reaching our clients, service providers and partners

Transparency: Transparency is at the paramount of our professional dealing priorities at Feather Invest. We believe that our investors deserve to be aware of the status of their investment positions with us and we exert all our efforts to achieve that objective in a timely manner

Focus: the entire team at Feather Invest primarily focus on identifying profitable and economically attractive pre-IPO transactions. We believe that our focused business driven mentality is one of the keys to a continued relationship of trust and positive engagement with our clients