Hottest Logo Redesigns of 2 Prime Brands

Change is inevitable… Something that holds true for brand-identities

It is an obvious statement that we live in a brand-centric era. Everything around us is labeled and that label or logo defines the standards of a company. This label also defines how these companies can help us fulfill our needs and wants. Remember that appeal of the brand-identity is the main factor that develops a potential-consumer’s trust and attracts him/her to the products and services you offer.

Some logos may appeal quite elegant while some may appeal cheap. Entrepreneurs, who realize that their appeal has gone outdated or worn-out, immediately consider redesigning or re-branding their logos. Other than the “outdated” factor, a company may deem it necessary to redesign the logo if they experience an overwhelming growth in the success of their brand.

Let’s take a look at 4 prime brands that have recently changed their logos.


DENA recently did a makeup to their old logo and redesigned it into a totally unique emblem

Established as a privited limited company in 1999, DENA is Japanese company and a prominent leader in the mobile internet market. On January 10, the company revealed its renewed brand-identity with a new and unique brand slogan: Delight and Impact the World. The new logo features a smiley emoticon that quite reminds us of the emoticon used in the ngmoco’s logo. It is the same company that DENA bought for 4Billions in 2010. However, many people appreciated the newest look that the company has bestowed on its logo.

The old logo was impressive in terms of simplicity but it can’t be compared to its latest version.


eBay retouched its logo in 2012, giving it a more clean look

After operating under the most popular logo for 17 years, eBay finally decided to straightened out its brand-identity for good. eBay doesn’t need any kind of introduction as this famous company has been ruling the e-commerce market for many years. Although the designers at eBay might thought that they gave the logo a more professional and sleek look but majority of the people don’t have the same opinion as them. On the day the logo was unveiled, many people tweeted their dislike against the new logo.

This old yet popular logo was way more adored by the target-consumers than the latest one.

Guys, don’t forget to tell your thoughts on these redesigned brand-identities.

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