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Fairway Cargo Service (FCS) was founded in 2008 by a group of experienced professionals to provide modern logistics and supply chain solutions to the African continent.

Our reach spans across over all continents with visible footprints in all of Africa. We operate on a philosophy of projecting our globally experience to solving local problems.

We have strong partnerships across board that enable us leverage on capacity, even at peak periods, utilizing multimodal forms of transportation.

Yearly we transport an average of 5,000 tons of cargo between Africa and the rest of the world and we expect this to rise in the coming years.

Our motto, timely delivery the fair way, guarantees that we deliver your goods in a timely manner, utilizing a cost effective medium.

Specialist Logistics Services


FCS supports oil and gas concerns by deploying a mix of solutions for both onshore and offshore projects, starting early in the conceptualization phase leading up to full commissioning.


Construction firms looking to enhance productivity can subcontract their core logistics functions, starting with routine earth movements to heavy lifting requiring cranes.


Manufacturing firms looking to minimize downtimes can benefit from our spare parts logistics services, extending through all major hubs around the world resulting in improved response to your demands.

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