Landing Page Tactics to Empower Your Conversion Rate to Go Sky-High

If you are reading this powerful blog, it means that you are probably experiencing difficulties in increasing your conversion rate. Regardless of how many sources you may create to drive traffic to your website, all goes to waste if the end-result is not retrieved, i.e., Conversion > Lead Generation > Loyal Patrons.

Before we proceed to the main point of our today’s article, you first need to let off the steam. Improvement in one’s self can only be seen if one overcomes the “Denial”. So, first accept that your conversion rate sucks. Accept that you are not implementing the right techniques to make it go higher. Accept that you are still missing the most important element to achieve the end-result. Although I m aware that you are here because you have probably already overcame those denials, but still I want to make sure that my message gets across.

Congrats! You have just passed the improvement phase. So, without further ado let’s proceed to the “Realization” phase.

In this phase, I’ll point out some critical elements that webmasters often overlook and as a result they end up with lower conversion rates.

Realization # 1 – Inbound Source Doesn’t Match with the Landing Page

There are two main sources of driving traffic to the landing pages: PPC and Banner Ads. However, there is one important thing that people often overlook while creating banner designs or landing pages. That important thing is not synching the message of the source with the landing page. The inbound source should always be in-synch with the landing page both in terms of expressed message and visual presentation.

For Example:
Message of Inbound Source: “Avail 40% off on Every First Order of XYZ-Smartphone”

Message of Landing Page: “Welcome to the Sandy’s Smartphone Shop”

Realization # 2 – Lack of Visual Presentation or Videos

Consumers are attracted more towards visual presentations than written sales-pitches. Moreover, it has been shown in recent case-studies that visual presentations or videos have an increased conversion rate up to 80%. However, these videos are not just any videos but one that shows a real-life use of the products or services you offer.

For Example:
if you are offering smartphones online, you can embed a review of the latest smartphone to show your potential costumers how the smartphone works, what are its features, battery life, etc.

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Realization # 3 – Lack of Social Proof

Consumers are prone to be attracted to those products or services that are offered along with solid social proofs. After all, consumers are humans and humans feel hesitant to buy a product if it doesn’t come with any proof of reliability or credibility. Therefore, it is imperative to include social proof onto your landing page to give your potential customers a sense of trustworthiness.

For Example:
To build more credibility, you can include clients’ testimonials as well as live social streams onto your landing page.

Realization # 4 – A/B Page Testing

As the name suggests, it is a testing process where you split your traffic between two similar landing pages but with different variations. This process is quite an effective method to measure which variation performs the best. You may also conduct a Bucket testing which has the same function as the A/B testing however it is more complex since it involves the test among more than two pages with different variations.

For Example:
You can try different types of forms (longer and short ones), different headers, and different shopping carts or try new things to see which page performs efficiently.

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