Logo Design Trends for 2016

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This decade has turned out to be a game-changer for logo design industry. With changing trends that seek to make a logo simpler and cleaner, designing a logo is no longer about complicated emblems, flashy colors or intricate patterns.

To know more trends in the logo design for the running year, you need to read on:

  • 1. The Use of Minimalism Will Continue to Grow

Minimalism is continuing to lead the trend in logo design. Gone are the days when logos were used to look complicated and messy but today a great logo design means simple and clean look. In 2016, the use of few colors and minimal graphic elements will continue to grow and more logos will use flat designs to create a clean and memorable brand identity.

  • 2. Flat Design Will Be Ubiquitous

Flat designs are popular for their minimal use of colors and graphics. This type of design gained a rapid popularity in the recent past and it continues to grow even in the running year. For its use of gradients, shadows, patterns and textures, it gives a clean look to a logo design.

It is also known for its use of scalable vector graphics (SVG) which also makes your logo to look appropriate on any device. Considering the potential benefits of this type of graphics, it is easy to predict that flat design will continue to dominate the logo design trends in 2016.

  • 3. Handmade Logo Design Style Will Be In Fad

Handmade logo designs are known for their human touch and expressiveness. The use of handmade logo designs is as old as the concept of logo itself. However, it recently achieved the much hype for its human feel and aesthetics.

Whether it is a simple sketched line, a human visage or a typeface, a handmade logo commands a mysterious charm on human psychology and it continues to grow even in this year as well.

  • 4. Use of Negative Space Will Resurge

Negative space still has not come of age. For many designers, it is still a dark art that needs to be learnt. As the use of negative space gained popularity in recent time, it seems that it will continue to thrive with every passing year.

Keeping mind the huge success of logo of famous brands, such as Spartan Golf Club, Martini House and Safari Into Africa, it goes without saying that the use of negative spacing will continue to grow in 2016.

  • 5. The Use of Line Art Will Thrive

The previous year saw an increased use of line art and it is likely to grow this year as well. Typically, the line art uses a mono-line that encompasses the logo. This type of graphic is often seen in the food industry. However, the design is getting ubiquitous in other industries as well and we can say that it will also lead the design trends in 2016.

  • 6. Letter stacking Will Become a Hot Thing in Logo Design

The immense popularity of letter stacking has made lots of designers to fall in love with this technique in logo design. This type of designing is particularly a favorite for designers as it keeps the viewers clueless about the concept in a design and infuses in them a sense of mystery that helps the design retain longer in memory of viewers.

For its use of stacked letter, it is considered a trend in recent time and it will likely to influence the design industry in 2016.

  • 7. The Use of Dynamic Logo Will Rise

As their name suggests, dynamic logos is a form of branding that uses different types of brand identities to represent diversity of a brand. Google does it with Google Doodle. MTV does it with its ‘M’ letter and Nickelodeon does it on its network of cartoon series.

Seeing the phenomenal success of these brand identities in the recent time, we can easily predict that the magic of dynamic logos is going to increase in the coming years.

  • 8. User Interface Will Become a Factor

Designers often have to cope with the challenge of balancing the aesthetics and usability. User interface design gives the designer the power to meet this challenge and make your logo look both beautiful and functional.

The use of this type of design empowers the logo designers to make a custom logo design that befits on all screen sizes, whether it is a desktop screen, laptop or tablet. As usability is a key thing in a design industry, the implementation of an effective user interface will become a crucial factor in a logo design.

  • 9. The Use of Wordmark Will Resurge

Wordmark is an age-old practice of creating a text-based brand identity. In the past, a number of famous companies implemented this type of logo designs, such as Coca Cola, IBM and CNN. It is heartening to see that so many brands are using this timeless design concept in their logo design. Considering the increasing influence of this trend, we can predict that the resurgence of wordmark will force more designers to create a logo in the form of wordmark style.

Mentioned-above are 9 logo design trends that you’ll see in the running year. Hope, they turned out to be a game-changer in the making of your brand identity.

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