Automate Your Web With Some Must-Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a pretty powerful platform that allows you to setup a website with a single-click. It is an open-source CMS that empowers you to create, edit and update content on your website without the need of having any immense know-how of web design or development. However, these are the only features that make WordPress a popular podium. The main factor of its ever-growing popularity lies in its flexibility that it leverages from hundreds of thousands of plugins.

A plugin is an added set of tools that grants WordPress additional features or functionalities. Basically, every webmaster has something in mind while constructing a website. They want to develop a platform that gives them an ability to manage things their way. Here, plugins come into play. Plugin gives the webmasters an ability to choose the tools that fit the needs of their websites.

In this article, we’ll present some of the most popular and must-have WP plugins for you web. However, no matter how tempting the following list may seem, limit your use to fewer plugins. If you try to install too many plugins you’ll probably end up hampering the performance of your WP site.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins


Though it comes as an added feature with your WP installation, if you haven’t activated it yet, then you are failing to benefit from it. Akismet is a web service having a huge database that stores spam comments. When you use their WP plugin, you protect yourself from all spam comments that come in hordes on your website.

All-In-One SEO

With all-in-one SEO plugin by your side, you can finally say goodbye to manual optimization of your blog posts. This productive tool allows you to automatically optimize your posts when you publish so that you can enjoy better search exposure.

Google Sitemap Generator

This plugins allows you to generate sitemap for your WP site with just a click. Simply install the plugin, activate it from the plugins menu, set the parameter or crawling frequency of your posts and generate the sitemap. Simple, isn’t it?

WP Google Analytics

Google analytics is a must-have tool for webmasters as it allows you monitors your traffic on your website, check the behavior of your visitors, analyze sales funnel and do much, much more. This tool gives you an opportunity to add Google Analytics and download all the stats to your blog.

W3 Total Cache

Worried that your web takes too much time to load? Don’t know how you can fix the low performance of your web pages? Fortunately, all the solutions to your problems can be acquired through W3 total cache plugin. This tool gives an opportunity to optimize the speed of your website and enhance user experience.

Contact Form 7

Last but not least, this plugin gives you the ability to incorporate simple contact forms to your website for your visitors. With this plugin, you can easily receive the queries from your visitors without exposing your email-address.

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