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In layman terms, negative space is the white space or an empty space in a design work. In graphic design, negative spacing is primarily used to make a balance around an object or between two or more objects. For graphic designers, white spacing is a technique to create minimal looking design concepts that have a deeper interpretation. Negative spacing also enables designers to get experimental with design concepts and accentuate its true beauty.

Negative spacing infuses focus and simplicity in a design.Unlike overly occupied design concepts that have too many elements; negative spaces reinforce symmetry in a design which allows viewers to quickly get the idea behind a design. For graphic designers, negative spacing is a tactical tool to offset design elements and create focus for viewers.

Role of Negative Spacing

A design filled with too many objects only distracts attention of viewers and they end up losing message behind its concept. Designers who unnecessarily clutter designs just to fill a negative space only make it too complicated to understand.

On the contrary, negative spacing makes it possible for designers to put across core idea to their viewers without complicating the design. It gives viewers a clean look so they do not get distracted and see a design beyond the obvious.

If the above information makes you think over the usefulness of negative spacing and you want to get a deeper understanding of this design concept, then here are some tips for you.

Simple and Clean Designs


Nike Logo is a trademark of Nike, Inc.

Negative spacing is an effective technique to create a clean design. It gives an elegant look to your design concept and brings out its simplicity with ample white space. Nike is the best example of how you can create a memorable design using negative space. The swoosh mark still holds that appeal to the viewers as it did years ago.

Convey A Message

Convey a Message

FedEx logo is a trademark of FedEx Corporation.

Professional logo designers use white spaces to create brand identities that convey a hidden message. FedEx logo is a perfect example of how negative spacing can help you implicitly convey a message to viewers. That hidden arrow between E and X translates the idea of speed and precision.

Create Illusion

create illusion

Thinking about creating something out-of-the-box? Let white spacing do the job. This illustration is a good example of how you can be skillful and creative at the same time. In this image, you clearly see a vase. However, if you take a closer look, you will find side view of two human faces.

Portray An Idea

Portray an Idea


Using negative spacing can be a fun way to express an idea. In this logo concept, the designer cleverly expresses the idea of breakfast by connecting two of commonly used items, i.e. tea and bread. What makes it beautiful is the use of tea in the cup and its steam to illustrate a loaf of bread, which you can easily notice.

Connect Two Ideas

Connect Two Ideas


Be more thoughtful and use negative spacing to combine two ideas. In this example, the designer of this logo subtly blends two ideas using negative spacing. The designer placed the elephant image on foreground and used the background to create a negative space that illustrates map of Africa between elephant’s legs.

Be Creative

be creative


Negative spacing technique offers designers an easier way to create an artistic work. As seen in this example, the graphic designer tactfully uses negative spacing and clever placing of letter H to resemble a zipper.

Be Manipulative With Colors

Be Manipulative with Colors


For designers experimenting with colors, negative spacing offers many creative ideas to create a design that looks both appealing and thoughtful. For example, this famous logo of Major League Baseball perfectly describes how you can use white space and contrasting colors to create a beautiful design. The designer of this logo creates a silhouette of a batter by using negative space between red and blue colors.

Be Subtle

Be Subtle


Negative space gives you the power to say more in less space. The graphic designer tries to translate goals of NASA with this logo concept. As seen in the image, the bottom parts of the letters are cut out in a way that it creates a silhouette of a planet.

Reflect Your Product

Reflect Your Product


Negative spacing can even be used to show a product. This example clearly shows how you can use negative spacing to portray your product. As seen in this image, the designer uses negative spacing in letter A to create an image of a bottle.

Negative spacing is an art itself that empowers to say more about design concept. For professional graphic designers, negative spacing is one of the many techniques they can use to convey an idea or story. Applying these techniques will help you create something is both simple and imaginative.

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