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Specialist Knowledge for Complex Movements

At FCS we encourage our clients to allow us early access into the movement process, which is the critical documentation
Customs documentation in Africa could be a clutter, and changes rapidly from terrain to terrain. Therefore, it is important that you procure the necessary guidance just in time to ensure proper passage of your goods.

Utilizing our understanding of the African market, we are able to advise clients on the requisite documentation needed to guarantee smooth flow of goods from node to node as we progress through the supply chain.

Leverage on our customs brokerage and transportation services to ensure accurate customs compliance. Our brokerage services help speed up the movement of your goods whether air, ocean, or ground–and reduce your risk of penalties that can delay your shipments.

We guarantee customers a minimum of 30 percent cost savings, while also ensuring that you get your goods delivered with minimal delays.

Contact us at [email protected] for details on our customs brokerage services.

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