Do You Recognize These Color Selection Mistakes That Harm Your Website?

There is no doubt that colors are an essential part of our lives. Majority of people have this assumption that colors only matter when it comes to selecting paintings, dresses, wall-paints, mobiles or cars however, this is not completely true. Color plays significant role in logo design and web design industries as well.

Color scheme for a web layout is a core element that helps a webmaster in getting viewers’ attention. It is the most fundamental yet difficult task that designers have to face when creating a website. With years of experience in this field, they develop a keen sense of selecting the right color. Through their expertise they assess which color would reflect the nature and quintessence of the business. However, regardless of how keen one’s color senses may be, there are still some mistakes that one might end up making while coming up with a suitable color scheme.

Let’s take a brief look at those mistakes:

•    Excessive Use of Bright Colors

There is no doubt that everyone has their own preferences. But, your liking will be insignificant if you end up making others to hate you. Likewise, people who are fond of bold or bright colors should use such colors in a subtle manner. It is recommended that these colors should only be used for highlighting any key features of a website. Too much use of bold colors will not only give your website a bizarre feel but also drive people away from it. Still, if you feel determined to use bright colors, then match the color scheme with lighter background or shades to harmonize it.

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•    Use of Exceedingly Light Colors

As excessive use of bright colors is not a good idea, likewise too much use of light colors can bring inconvenience as well. Unnecessary use of tentative colors makes a website seem dull and boring. Remember that your website should create a great impact on the target viewers. The website should be prominent as a design without being too timid or too vivid. In simple words, you need to establish an excellent balance when selecting the color scheme.

•    Brand Color and Web Color Scheme

Remember that a website is the persona of a business. Therefore, the color you select must harmonize with your brand color. Viewers should be able to recognize the relation between your brand and your website.

•    Color Scheme Conflict

Another most repeated mistake that designers often end up making is color conflict. Developing a color balance is certainly very difficult. However, you should use all your designing expertise to develop color combinations that go well with specific websites. You must use your skills to judge whether a font color is contrasting with the body background or a header color is harmonizing with the rest of the body or not.

One must avoid all the aforementioned blunders in order to improve not only the look of a website but also its performance and the desired result.

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