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Refund Policy

100% Money Back Guarantee

The initial blueprints/drafts are created in line with the client’s specifications and requirements. We at Logo Pearl Design ensure 100% client satisfaction by offering unlimited revisions. If a client is however still not satisfied, he/she will be granted a refund if he/she is eligible to claim a refund. Following are the scenarios when you are eligible to get full or partial refund.

Scenario No 1:

Any of the concepts/designs provided do not comply with clients brief.

Refund Status:

Full refund will be granted upon request.

Scenario No 2:

Client responds back to the initial concepts and requests some changes/revisions.

Refund Status:

Refund may not be applicable in this case, once revisions are requested; customer satisfaction becomes the first priority.

Scenario 3:

If a client takes no action within 60 days of receiving the initial concepts/designs, no refund request will be entertained.

In the event that there has been no resolution between the two parties and a refund is granted, It is not permissible for client to use any items provided by us. The client does not have any right to use, duplicate, reproduce or distribute the artworks that are the property of Logo Pearl Design.

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