Responsive Web Design – Behold the Future of Websites

Gone are the days when we used to get annoyed by the vague text content and small images whenever we browse a website on our iPhones or iPads. The small display of our gadgets as compared to Desktop computers made it really difficult to check out our favorite websites on-the-go. Now with the advent of Responsive web design we can feel the same browsing experience as we do with our Laptops and Desktop PCs. RWD also sometimes known as Fluid or Adaptive web design is the next-generation website that can adapt its appearance for best viewing on any standard screen sizes. This includes tablets, smartphones, HD TVs, etc.

With the availability of smartphones and tablet PCs, an increasing number of people getting more and more involved in surfing the internet on-the-go. However, traditional web designs only frustrate potential clients with their small-text and annoying navigational menus. Here RWD sites come into picture, offering the clients a surfing experience they desire on their portable gadgets. Also, the growing usage of RWD sites will eliminate the need of mobile-exclusive websites soon.

This second-generation web design uses unique script that allows the web to detect the screen size of the device on which it is being displayed. This script can detect any screen size from smartphones to tablets and from laptops or large-screen HD TVs. After detecting the screen size, the script runs CSS to display the web on the device in an optimum format.

When a responsive website is viewed on a portable screen, the image size is reduced and the text is enlarged so that you can view the content easily. The best part about RWD websites is that its menus are now displayed in drop down menu rather than in a traditional horizontal bar.

There are dozens of companies out there offering responsive web design services. This second-generation technique is still in its improvement stage, which is getting more refined. With the availability of RWD sites there is absolutely no reason to have a mobile-exclusive web design, unless you have some kind of marketing tactic in your mind.

Responsive web designs have brought a revolutionary change in the online world. It is important that its awareness should be spread far and wide so that online companies can generate more sales by availing their online clients. Check out some samples of responsive web design templates:


Grey Goose

Lancaster University


These Are Things

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