Best Places to Showcase Graphic Design Works

Online portfolio websites have made it a lot easier for designers to showcase their work to others without much effort. Here are some of the best websites to showcase your work on.

Showcasing your work is a lot more than just a way to get clients or find a job. By putting your work up on the web in a well-assembled portfolio you are not only proving what you can do, but also providing professionals and experts in your industry with a way to give you quality feedback. You are joining a community of like-minded individuals who are more than likely to take interest in what you have to offer — whether it be for hiring a recruit or merely gaining inspiration.

Luckily, we don’t have to learn fancy code languages to sign up for online portfolios. Unlike when designing a blog, online portfolios are easy-to-use, yet aesthetic, and perfect for anyone lacking in basic web design skills.

Here are some of the best platforms to showcase your graphic design works.


Behance is number one in almost every design portfolio lists since it is currently the most popular online platform being used by creative individuals. You can find work from all sorts of fields including art direction, illustration, fashion, industrial design, motion graphics, web design, — and of course—graphic design. You’ll need an Adobe ID for this to sign up. If you don’t already have an Adobe ID, you can create it here for free.

When you’re done, you’ll have access to your very own design portfolio where you can showcase your work with the help of pictures or videos, along with captions on what your project is about. Users will have an option to follow you or send you a message about your work. You can also view “stats” to see how many people are liking, viewing, or appreciating your work.

Plenty of clients are hiring on Behance with the help of a search engine that may search for freelancers in a specific country, location, or design category.  If you’re interested in searching for job yourself, you can go through the Behance “joblist” where postings are put up.


This platform usually comes second when you’re looking for a fantastic place to showcase your design works. You can display your work, process, or project with the help of screen shots and display it to a community of professional designers for comments and feedback. The web interface is pretty simple, but there’s one little tricky part to using this platform. To be able to upload your screenshots and comment, an invitation from an existing member is required. This process is done to ensure that the best of works are featured.


This platform features beautiful work from a variety of categories namely photography, digital illustrations and more. Similar to, plenty of resources are made available by these artists to users.

In order to join this community, you will be required to sign up with a new account and “become a deviant”. Signing up will give you access to a personalized profile, a messaging center, contests, and more. Some of these contests may even give you the opportunity to meet Hollywood directors and other famous professionals in the creative industry!


Carbonmade has an awfully cute interface with a unique menu design and layout. I guess idea the behind the “cuteness” is the fact that the website is user-friendly and a “hassle-free online portfolio” (since it does not have HTML). So far, the platform hosts over 900,000 portfolios, featuring over 2 million projects, so you can imagine how large the community is here.

Sign up is totally free and you get to pick your URL. Client scouts can find you using a search engine or by selecting a category and then specifying specialties or a location.

A downside to using this portfolio is that the free version will allow you upload only 10 projects and 100 pieces at a time. For professionals and pros, you’ll need more advanced features such as video uploading and stats that come with the premium accounts.


This is another place where you can upload your work or post a job, and therefore, expect it to be buzzing with a handful client scouts as well. Coroflot is professional in the way it offers its members a variety of services.

First of all, designers have the opportunity to showcase, organize, and present their work in a gallery-like layout with as many high quality images as they prefer. You can also access it using a mobile device and use statistics to track how people are liking, following, or viewing your work. Some personalization options are also available.

Companies such as Adidas and Amazon could be listing jobs on Coroflot job boards or searching you under curated search results based on specialties, experience, keyword, or a location. This is a great place if you want to promote your work and gain exposure among industry professionals.

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