Elegant Stationery Designs for Inspiration

A corporate identity is not complete without a unique stationery design. Here are some elegant looking stationery designs for your inspiration.

stationery design inspiration

A good stationary design holds an important role in reinforcing an impactful visual identity of a business. It not only strengthens a sense of consistency but also promotes the brand philosophy that a business carries forward. For any businessman, an appealing stationary design serves as a marketing prop to project his brand to a stakeholder.

Creating a visual identity, however, involves a substantial creative process. But when it comes to stationery designs, it is more about personalizing your brand. It is about establishing a uniform corporate identity of a business that becomes its face. Therefore, a stationary design has to complement character of a brand while setting it apart from the rest. It has to infuse a sense of trust and bring out collective aura of a brand.

For designers, getting inspiration is the first step towards creating a masterpiece stationary design and this is the only challenge of the process. Once the creative juices start flowing, everything tends to fall into place. To those wandering souls seeking inspiring stationary design ideas for their next project, we present here 14 of the best stationary designs that will tantalize their imagination to create a winning design concept:

The Propeller Group By Rice Creative

The Propeller Group


This exclusive design by Rice Creative touches your heart. The designer keeps spirit of this brand design alive by making it simple and chic. The three letters of the company delicately accentuates the beauty of this stationary design.

Smashing Nico By Nico Lopez

Smashing Nico


Nico Lopez carves her own distinction in this design. The designer artfully paints the stationary with four different ranges of colors that make a balanced contrast. The colors add substance to the design and give this design its true personality.

Pot Wash Josh Identity by Sam Sharples

Pot Wash


Sam Sharples aptly inserts a sense of individuality in this design. The designer skillfully illustrates hand gestures to suggest job of pot washer. The use of various hand gestures symbolizes an idea on different stationary items.

Platform By Tim Smith



Tim Smith embodies the idea of platform in this fabulous design concept. He uses square shapes to signify progress and gives a dynamic angle to the design. The use of colors reinforces idea of platform which stands for constant evolution and growth.

Ouen By Nina Geomertieva



Nina Geomertieva sets is class apart with this stationary design for Ouen. The designer blends natural element in this design by using wood textures. She makes the design even more expressive with application of striking colors.

Le Petit Bakery By Manuel Navarro Orozco

Le Petit Bakery


Manuel Navarro Orozco cunningly illustrates idea of baking in this stationary design of Le Petit Bakery. In this stationary design, the designer explicitly blends basic service of company with design idea. The thoughtful use of baking imagery makes it an inspiration for viewers.

Melody / Arguile Identity by Jonny Delap

Melody Arguile


Jonny Delap gives a touch of sophistication in this stationary design concept. The use of black as primary color gives this design a sense of exclusivity, while the golden imagery represents superiority. The result is a perfect example of stationary design that stands for supremacy.

Branding by Anagrama

Nordic House


Anagrama shows creative brilliance in this design concept. What makes this stationary design unique is fine contrast of multiple colors. The golden fonts gel perfectly with the overall design, while the white background accentuates the true personality of the colors.

Engler Studio By Eight Hour Day

Engler Studio


The stationary design of Engler Studio is a visual treat in true sense. The USP of this inspiring design are overlapping patterns that represent character of this interior design firm. This wonderful design speaks itself for its ingenuity.

Squirl Corporate Identity By Squirl

Squirl Corporate Identit


This fantastic stationary design concept by Squirl has a mesmerizing appeal. The designer appropriately makes use of two reigning colors – red and black. The logo is another “turn-on” in this design concept which adds to its beauty.

Sciencewerk X Identity By Sciencewerk



Sciencewerk breathes life to this design with yellow as a primary color. The intensity of yellow gives this design a lively feel, while its white background rightly justifies the primary color. This stationary design manages to look both contemporary and elegant.

Multi-dimension Branding / Identity Mock-up IV by Yogurt 86

Multi dimension


This stationary design by Yogurt 86 is meant for highbrow audience. From selection of colors to design aspects, everything speaks for refined aura of this design. The use of fonts complements the classy taste of this stationary design.

DezignTechnic Brand Identity by Nuno Alves



This creative design concept by Nuno Alves represents DezignTechnic. The company revamps its brand identity as it goes international. The designer perfectly does the job and makes it more apt for global audience. The highlight in this stationary design is use of blue strip that represents its logo. The grey tone of fonts exquisitely offset its black background.

Kempeli by Kempeli

Kempeli by Kempeli


What sets apart this stationary design is its elegant look. The designer manages to give a clean look to this design by keeping a balance mix of colors and white spaces. What comes out is a simple design that draws your imagination.

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