8 Essential Tools for Freelancers

Sometimes freelancing can get quite hectic. Here are some essential tools for freelancers to make their work organized and manageable.

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Freelancing is tough game and usually one that you have to play alone. Not only do you have to worry about being consistently self-motivated to work, but also producing a steady income, managing work finances, collaboration with clients, pay checks, updating portfolios, finding new clients and a plethora of other activities. Unlike an employee in an organization, a freelancer has to play all the “departmental roles” and wearing all the hats.

But with the help of a few tools, you should be able to run your freelance work efficiently and effectively. Thanks to these tools, many tasks can be automated and delegated while you can focus the most important tasks.

Here is a list of 8 tools and web apps for freelancers.



This tool is perfect for sharing online presentations. Yes, we’re talking about presentation tools! Despite what you may think, there are several ways freelancers can make use of presentation tools including explaining clients what their project should look like or briefing a team on what work needs to be done and how. Didn’t think of it before? Try it now. See samples of featured slideshows to see what else you can do.



TeuxDeux markets itself as a simple, design-y “to do” app. This is the perfect tool for making comprehensive to-do lists. Although, the list is pretty simple-looking, it manages to be visually compelling as well as functional. Unfinished to-dos will get rolled over to the next day automatically, so if you have the TeuxDeux app, be sure to get things done on time!

Focus Booster


Probably one of the most difficult parts about freelancing is knowing how to focus on your own work. Distractions are all around us and they can be a nuisance! The focus booster app addresses this problem by time tracking our work and making sure we follow our schedule. You can also manage your preferences, navigate through timesheets, give proof to your clients, check your own performance, and do much more with the Focus Booster app.



Trello is a popular card-based assignment management application that enables you to crosscheck things you should be doing, things you have already done, and things that need to be done in future. With everything on one board, you and your team can easily visualize all complete and incomplete tasks. That being said, it is a great tool for collaboration as well (especially since the team can also peep into what other team mates have been upto). The best part is that Trello sign up is free and you can also log in with your Google account.



Gotomeeting is just like an online meeting room. For team-based work, web conferencing tools such as gotomeeting are great for discussing progress, sharing ideas, providing information, training, and more. You can meet up with up to 15 people online and share data real time or record the meeting for future use. A mobile app version is also available for Google, Windows, and Apple devices. Gotomeeting is free for the first month after which you will be required to sign up for a paid plan of your choice.



Freelancers usually have a lot of writing work to do! You can’t exactly automate writing tasks, but you can create a favorable environment that aids concentration and boosts focus. Focus writing pretty much resembles a blank canvas that will allow you to concentrate on your work. The app has a very simple interface, with all of the surrounding “distractions” out of the way. So it rids your screen of unnecessary toolbars, icons, windows, and annoying pop ups that often appear at the bottom. You may also add a new background or re-do themes to create an ambience of inspiration.



Accounting is one such task that can easily be automated. Who says you have to do all the number-crunching yourself? Harvest is one such app that lets you spend less time tracking and counting and more time doing what’s more important. Track your time, schedule your projects, create and send invoices online, receive payments, and even track your expenses. So, basically it does both the time-tracking and accounting tasks for you. With a free plan for one user who has four clients and ongoing two projects, the app is a pretty good deal.

Adobe E-Sign


E Sign is owned by the Adobe Corporation and is perfect for serving your contractual needs.  Freelancers often have to sign proposals, agreements, contracts, and other types of documents. Instead of printing signing, scanning, and then emailing these documents just to complete the contract, e-sign will let you speed up business transactions with the help of a digital signature, cutting down three tasks into one. Don’t worry about safety and security because Adobe e-sign also has that covered! The cheapest plan is a $14.99 a month.

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