Best Tutorials To Learn ReactJS

Tutorials to learn ReactJS

When it comes to building a UI for an app or a website, ReactJS often takes the first place in the lists of best Javascript libraries. It is open source and was developed with the collaboration of developers at Instagram and Facebook. Some big names are using ReactJS to power their UI. Some of them are Airbnb, Khan Academy, BBC, Netflix and many more.

If you’re still on your way to learn ReactJS for building a dynamic user interface, there’s a little something we have for you to speed up the process.

The following is a list of tutorials that are spectacularly well put-together by developers and authors in the form of tutorials. These tutorials will take you from novice to expert level.

Tutorial by

reactjs website

Here’s ReactJS very own version of a tutorial. This is specifically for designers and developers to “get started” with the library and explore its capabilities. The tutorial covers the complete process for creating a brand new MVC website and utilizing the ReactJS library along the way. They also promise to begin with simple stuff and end with a fully, functional product. Once you get started with a new project, it moves on to installing React, composing components, optimization, and more.

Learning ReactJS by Ken Wheeler

scothio reactjs

This is a brilliant tutorial authored by Ken Wheeler on The tutorial has received over two hundred shares so far since it’s publish date last year. But, of course, this is the kind of thing only a small community of developers would be interested in. It’s safe to say that this is one of best tutorials to be found on ReactJS. This is a five parts tutorial series that starts with basics, which covers lessons such as what is react, how does Virtual DOM work, how to setup pages, specs lifecycles and state, and more.

The second part covers more advanced concepts such as Flux, dispatcher, dependencies controller views and more. The third, fourth and fifth parts teaches you the application of ReactJS by creating simple shopping carts, building a realtime Twitter stream, and making a mobile app in thirty minutes.

The React Quick Start Guide by Jack Callister

If you’re looking for a quick overview on the basics of how to use this library, this is a good place to start. This article is posted by Jack Callister on his blog. Its not’s very extensive, but the little nuggets are enough to cover the basics. Callister begins with basic concepts such as react elements, components, JSX, and the Virtual Dom. Once those have been defined and understood, he carries on with building a series of user interfaces. First he explains rendering, then the components, props, state, and composition.

Another plus point of this article is that it is full of links to useful tools, resources, and information on ReactJS. This one’s definitely worth a read for beginners!

React for Everyone by Leveluptuts

This tutorial is essentially for anyone learning ReactJS, whether you are a novice or an advanced user. The Vlogs begin with a series of introductions. Then, they cover the basics by getting started and understanding the library.

We finally get to the fun part in chapter two which is all about building your first react component. The rest of the chapters cover react component properties, conditionals in JSX and Parent Child relationships, and working with state. These are great must-see video tutorials!

The React.js Way: Getting Started Tutorial

Here’s another superb piece of information on how to get started with ReactJS. This is only the first part to the three part series. However, this one is perfect for newbies who need to brush over the basics. It begins with what is React, the virtual DOM concept and then moves on to how to render on the server, component-driven development, a bit about JSX, useful links and more.

This is actually a pretty detailed tutorial for a just a “getting started” lesson. Make sure you check out this insightful resource on your way to development with ReactJS!

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