20 Vintage Design Packaging For Inspiration

Love vintage designs? Here are some vintage design packaging for your inspiration.

Building a brand isn’t limited to setting-up a digital platform to show off your product or making a logo design to leave a permanent mark on the consumers’ mind, but it goes way beyond that.

Package designing is also a vital part of branding.It is the ultimate tool that is strategically-built to stop the consumers at their track and pull them to take the product off the shelf and onto their cart.

Though package designing has seen significant improvement in the past few years, yet it can’t beat the nostalgic yet warmth feeling that the classic package designs would exude. Luckily, vintage packages aren’t a thing of the past yet, as they are still revered due to their long-lasting grandeur.

If you’re a fan of vintage packaging and looking for some stunning inspirations to galvanize your creative neurons, you’ve found yourself a great jackpot to trigger your muse.

Pressers Playing Cards

Bicycle Steam Punk

Marvis Toothpaste

Hathor Creamery


Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods


Nokorode Soldering Paste

The Lunetta

Milner Gray




Handy Pack Sewing Kit

Strong Man Razor

Soda Labels

DrNo Effects

Proper BBQ

The NoMad Hotel Playing Cards

The Waiheke

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