Why Feather Invest?

The following are the key reasons for potential clients to consider Feather Invest as their preferred provider of Pre-IPO opportunities all over the world;

Strong Global Access to Employee Owned Pre-IPO Shares: Feather Invest has a strong network of shares aggregators which enables investors to get access to pre-IPO opportunities of a variety of opportunities offered all over the world.

Such share allocations are secured from company employees and at more attractive price levels compared to book builders who mostly offer their shares to their long terms private clients and institutional investors but do not run their book to conventional private investors (executives, family business owners, etc.)

Comprehensive Analysis of the Growth and Exit Potential of Target Pre-IPO Shares: Feather Invest has built a team of dedicated analysts and researchers who leverage their relationships with share aggregators, local research firms as well as employees of potential companies to form a comprehensive view on the growth expectation and expected IPO potential of each target company offered by Feather Invest to its clients

Investors Ability to manage their pre-IPO Allocation: Our investors at Feather Invest have the ability to approve the transfer of their capital to buy the target pre-IPO shares once they are ready for purchase.

Upon exit, the same right is again granted given to our investors where they are able to decide to sell their shares or retain them for future liquidation

Transparency on Capital Disbursement and Fund Administration: ; Feather Invest team has decided to induce a prime level of governance, and reporting on its products through (i) tier 1 escrow agents to hold investors subscriptions till legal clearance of the good standing of pre-IPO shares (ii) fund administrators who are responsible for calculating the fees, administering the exit and managing investors NAV reporting on a periodic basis

Complete Protection against Fraudulent Behavior: we provide our clients with criminal insurance policies on their vested capital to provide investors with protection on invested capital in case of fraudulent behavior that arises during the course of the investment